Vector Racer

Tags: Racing Windows GML  GameMaker: Studio Devin Townsend 2015 

Vector Racer is a turn-based racing game, which simulates a car race on a squared sheet of paper. You move from one grid point to another and have to try to get to the finish in the least amount of turns.

Nutshell Version 0.5.5

  • 3 Demo tracks
  • Level editor (get creative)
  • Crazy AI - using A* pathfinder
  • Achievements
  • Can you beat the Mighty Ziltoid on every track?
Download Windows Installer

NOTE If an alert appears from your anti-virus software, disable it for a few minutes. It is a 'false positive' reading. The software is safe.


VectorRacer menu
Vector Racer grid track
Vector Racer level editor


If you have any problems, please comment below.

  • "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error"

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